Evolutionary Astrology

This session helps to demystify so many things that have happened and are happening now. It will literally bring some light, helping you to offer more understanding and awareness as to the rhythm and cycles of our lessons, how to harness the energy of the forces at play in your life and the beauty of life. Our Souls have a mission to carry out in our lifetime. We have lessons to learn, wounds to heal and relationships to explore.


Blueprint Session

The Energetic Blueprint session will reveal to you the mysteries behind the invisible forces which affect your life. In this 120 minute session, you will gain insight into your personal archetypes, your skills and talents, your previous lives and your karmic influences. This transformative session will help you to become aware of your perceptions and personality traits so you can make the necessary changes to attain your heart’s desires. This session not only empowers you to change your life, but also brings in a tremendous amount of healing and awareness.


Human Design Readings


Human Design uses your birth time, place and date to determine your exact placement in space and time relative to the solar system and star fields at the moment you were born. Whereas astrology is divided into 12 signs, Human Design is divided into 64 gates. Each chart is a combination of different numbers making the charts unique to each person. This correlates to 64 sequences of the human genetic code and the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (a Chinese manual for understanding people). Depending on when and where you were born you have a different set of characteristics and ways you interact with people. Life experiences can enhance these traits making us know ourselves very well or it can suppress them possibly causing us to doubt ourselves or question who we are. Maybe you are struggling to know why your child is so different than you. Maybe you want to see why your child relates to your partner more. Why is your child responding the way they do? Human Design shows what defined personality traits they have and how they relate to other’s. Doing a reading for yourself and your child can show you where you are similar and where you are different. It can help give you more understanding and patience for them. Knowing this as early on as possible can make a world of difference in parenting. Discover how Human Design can also show you how you and your partner relate to each other. You can also learn your compatibility with family members and other loved ones. Send your time, place and date of birth to to have your session scheduled.