"Thanks to Chelsie’s extensive knowledge of Orthopedic Acupuncture plus her ability to use many other modalities of Chinese Medicine at varying stages of my healing process, I was able to fully recover from intense radiating shoulder pain. Chelsie has a unique ability to ask just the right questions, pinpoint a problem area, devise correct solutions, and then to skillfully apply needles. I can recommend Chelsie’s services with 100% satisfaction."

SKG, Artist, San Diego, CA 


"Sam is the absolute best! I come in on a regular because work is physically demanding and I train in jiu jitsu quite a bit. So my body is always feeling a bit beat up. So I’ll book an appointment with Sam and do a little fire cupping therapy and always end up leaving feeling way better then when I first went in. Aside from the amazing work she does I always enjoy the fact that she always explains what she’s doing and why she does it. I’ll typically leave with a little more knowledge which is always awesome!"

TP, Athlete, San Diego, CA


"Love love LOVE Sam! I always leave feeling AMAZING! Sam is extremely in tuned with your body and has healing hands. I love that she will tailor a visit to your needs. Depending on your situation you might just need massage, but what I love is if you need more she will combo massage with acupuncture or cupping. Whichever it may be I can count on her to know what will do my body and mind best. She’s super personable, friendly and always makes me feel comfortable. The spa is beautiful and has a relaxing vibe. Highly recommend!!!"

TB, Business Owner, San Diego, CA


"At first touch, I knew that Dianna was a gifted body worker. She has strong hands, a strong intuition for massage…AND she is a good soul. Every massage that I have had refreshes and releases me!"

BR, Executive Director, San Diego, CA


"Dianna is hands down the best Massage Therapist I have ever had. She finds areas I didn't even know I had tension in and releases them leaving my whole body pain free! She incorporates different techniques depending on my needs and leaves me incredibly relaxed every time I leave."

VF, Chief Financial Officer, Del Mar, CA


"Chelsie is an amazing acupuncturist, herbalist, and practitioner of Eastern Medicine! I highly recommend everyone see her for whatever ails them. Chelsie has been helping to treat my Sjogren's Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis for a long time now. She has been able to alleviate my pain and discomfort and has helped me to lead a more normal and active life. Chelsie always shows compassion and understanding; qualities that are often hard to find in the medial profession. She truly cares and wants all of her patients to feel their best and obtain an optimum level of health and well-being. Thank you Chelsie for all you have done!!!"

EJ, Student/Researcher, San Diego, CA


"I can't Recommend Chelsie enough if you are looking for relief with Acupuncture. It says a lot that I, myself, am an Acupuncturist and choose Chelsie to help decrease my stress levels and anxiety. I drive over an hour to see her! Not only is she intuitive, she is technically skilled and wonderfully kind. She is really invested in my wellbeing. I look forward to every treatment. Thanks Chelsie!"

EN, Acupuncturist/Model, San Diego, CA


"Chelsie is amazing! I had knee pain for over 6 months. It hurt so bad that I could no longer squat. I saw a physical therapist, did stretches and nothing was helping. Chelsie did a series of "ortho acupuncture" on me. At first I thought this wasn't going to work like everything else, but then I realized I had more range of motion. I was able to squat a little deeper without the pain of me knee. I received a total of 4 treatments from Chelsie and by the end of it I was pain free. I've been able to workout again and I'm very thankful for her knowledge and skills. She literally saved me. Thank you Chelsie!"

SG, Business Owner, San Diego, CA


"Chelsie is one of my favorite acupuncturists! I go to her regularly and I always call it "the goddess treatment". She really knows how to feel into what I need for that day, leaving me feeling nourished and balanced, and her technique is amazing! I am extremely needle/Qi sensitive and with her the treatments are always painless. Chelsie's huge heart is felt in her treatments, she has a genuine concern for helping her patients, and she is extremely knowledgeable. She also goes above and beyond to make the experience calming with music, light massage, and aromatherapy. I found it to be a beautiful addition. I highly recommend going to Chelsie for all your acupuncture needs!"

JG, Student, San Diego, CA


"I came to Chelsie to receive Acupuncture to attempt to relieve pain due to a Sciatic Nerve issue I had been experiencing for over 16 months. Although I did not initially know what to expect from Acupuncture, Chelsie was attentive each session; she listened to me as I explained my problem and progression and what I hoped to achieve; and she thoroughly explained the process to ease my anxiety. After a few sessions, the pain began to leave and I now no longer have any pain at all! The bonus.... Chelsie was also able to assist me with some sleep issues I was having as well! I can now recommend acupuncture to anyone with the same issues I had and I certainly recommend Chelsie who was so knowledgable and reassuring throughout each session!"

LW, Teacher, El Cajon, CA


"For years I have had trouble with my knees with chronic swelling. When I would walk up the stairs to a treatment I was in terrible pain. After Chelsie started treating my knees, when I walked down the stairs after the treatment, the pain would be immediately gone. I have had ten treatments and I have been pain free now for months!  I know where to go if I ever start having knee problems again. I also get treated for water retention and the treatments leave me feeling pounds lighter."

KB, Chief Financial Officer, Taft, CA


"Chelsie’s intuitive spirit makes her a phenomenal Acupuncturist.  She has provided me with treatments for stress, grief, and menopause symptoms. The effectiveness of her treatments continues to amaze me every time. My symptoms are often reduced immediately and after several treatments, I have long term relief. I have found that Eastern Medicine enhances my health and makes my immune system stronger. Whether I use Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture alone or in combination of Western Medicine, I am confident that I am supporting my body’s natural ability to heal itself and my overall health is enhanced."

RB, Business Owner, Escondido, CA


"I have always had an extreme phobia of needles. I was so incredibly surprised after my first treatment to find that acupuncture is in fact quite painless. I cannot believe how relaxing the treatments are. I come in to be treated for insomnia and I always fall asleep during the sessions. Treatments with Chelsie have improved my sleep immensely."

GB, General Contractor, Taft, CA


"Chelsie did acupuncture for my Back Pain and Allergic Rhinitis which helped relieve my symptoms significantly. I have recommended her to a lot of my clinic patients."

LN, Medical Doctor, San Diego, CA


"Chelsie is amazing. She is always professional and accommodating. Her services are incredibly healing for many ailments. She has helped me with many issues relating to stress. I am a regular in her office. I recommend her to all my family and friends."

DC, Restaurant Server, Escondido, CA


"Chelsie is a 5 star Acupuncturist! I have been seeing her since last year. She reduced my shoulder pain down to a 1 using acupuncture; and with her food therapy recommendation I am pain free. She also did an outstanding job treating my menopausal symptoms. Chelsie comes highly recommended!!!!"

LP, Student, San Diego, CA


"Chelsie is amazing! She helped me fall in love with acupuncture and her treatments always leave me feeling wonderful. She is a genuine person and a very skilled acupuncturist."

MG, Executive Assistant, San Diego, CA


"Dr. Sam is absolutely amazing! I feel so refreshed and uplifted after my appointments with her. She has helped my pain levels go down tremendously and improve my overall health so much. I am grateful for her and highly suggest making an appointment with her if you are looking to improve your overall health!"

KL, Medical Doctor, San Diego, CA


"I can not say enough good things about Sam! She puts so much care and attention into each session, I always coming out feeling so relaxed and refreshed. I struggle with chronic headaches and skin issues and she has helped reduce frequency and pain levels, as well as aided in helping my skin heal! She is incredibly knowledgable and always ready to tackle something different, I am so thankful to have found her. I highly recommend booking an appointment!"

LF, Graphic Designer, San Diego, CA