Human Design

Send your time, place and date of birth to to have your Human Design eight page write up sent to you and schedule your face time, zoom, or in person reading and personal explanation of your design today. 

Human Design uses your birth time, place and date to determine your exact placement in space and time relative to the solar system and star fields at the moment you were born. Whereas astrology is divided into 12 signs, Human Design is divided into 64 gates. Each chart is a combination of different numbers making the charts unique to each person. This correlates to 64 sequences of the human genetic code and the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (a Chinese manual for understanding people). Depending on when and where you were born you have a different set of characteristics and ways you interact with people. Life experiences can enhance these traits making us know ourselves very well or it can suppress them possibly causing us to doubt ourselves or question who we are. This system shows us who we were born to be.